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Di 2 mei 2017

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Vrijheidslezing door Frank Furedi (EN)

Freedom lecture: Fear and security in an age of terror

What determines the impact of an act of terror is how society responds to it. The fear of terror can sometimes exact a greater cost to society than its impact. Too often an act of terror incite governments to curb our freedoms on the ground it is necessary to trade-off liberties for security. However the answer to terrorism is not less but more freedom.

Instead of playing their game and allow ourselves to change the way we live our lives it is necessary to celebrate the freedoms afforded by an open society. The way to deal with fear is through engaging in acts of active solidarity. This lecture argues that trading off freedom does not make us more secure only more fearful. You either live freedom or you lose it!

This Freedom Lecture Prof. Lokke Moerel will be the chairwoman. She is a professor Global ICT Law at Tilburg University and member of the Dutch committee Veraart that examined the effects of Dutch political party plans on Dutch Rule of Law.


Free admission, for registration click here.


Frank Furedi (born Ferenc Füredi in Budapest, Hungary) is emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, United Kingdom. He is well known for his work on sociology of fear, education, therapy culture, paranoid parenting and sociology of knowledge.

Furedi's family emigrated from Hungary to Canada after the failed 1956 uprising, and he did his bachelor's degree in international relations at McGill University in Montreal. He has lived in Britain since 1969, and completed his MA (on African politics) and his PhD (on the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya) at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

In recent years his work has been oriented towards exploring the sociology of risk and low expectations. Furedi is author of several books on this topic, most recently Wasted: Why Education Isn't Educating and Invitation to Terror: The Expanding Empire of the Unknown, an analysis of the impact of terrorism post 9/11. His more recent publications, On Tolerance: A Defence of Moral Independence and Authority: A Sociological Introduction deal with the inter-related problem of freedom and authority. He is, according to research, the most widely cited sociologist in the UK press.

Organisatie: Stichting Vrijheidscolleges i.s.m. Rode Hoed

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