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About the Rode Hoed

About the Rode Hoed

The non-profit foundation Rode Hoed was founded in 1990 by Huub Oosterhuis as a centre for religion, philosophy, music and poetry. At the turn of the century more attention was given to contemporary societal issues in general at the turn of the century. In these last couple of years, the Rode Hoed developed itself as a broad and diverse independent cultural debate centre. 

Sitting in an uniquelocation in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands' largest clandestine church lies behind the facade of three stately and age-old canal houses at the Keizersgracht. The first purpose of the building was to function as a millinery. However, in the 17th century a Remonstrant hidden church was built in the garden of the millinery and remained an active church until the 1950's.

With the debates the Rode Hoed organizes it is a critical follower and a driving force of the public and political discussions on a national level. The Rode Hoed strives for exploratory and connective debates in which contradictions are overcoime and new insight are discoverd. The Rode Hoed is tempting opponents to engage into a debate that stimulate the minds of both parties. Furthermore, the Rode Hoed strives to bring the youth in contact with literature, music and philosophy.

Our venue is also is a professional full-service events venue. Imaging a board meeting, an international congress or even a romantic church wedding; seven diffirent halls, a spacious foyer with a beautiful café, and perfectly accessible on foot, by bicycle, car or boat: with a capacity of 450 persons. With our in-house professional kitchen of organic dishes we serve our guests delicious lunches and upscale diners. Our experienced technicians make sure that everything runs smoothly at your event.

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